A Single Seat Amphibious Boat

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This kind of flying boat takes off from a lake and soars into the air where it is being made by a start up.It is a recreational vehicle with no wheels — and it looks like fun.Some of the features of this beautiful flying boat contains a plane that can reach altitudes of 10,000 feet, each one of us can enjoy it more if you fly close to the surface.

flying-boat-air amphibious-boat-flying

Its top speed is 87 mph and the pilot controls the throttle with a joystick, like a regular airplane. Pedals control the rudder. The 440-pound aircraft doesn’t come with a cockpit or windshield.Its engine is filled with combustion engine sea craft.It is an electric vehicle that can change its mode of transportation as and when needed.

flying-amphibious-boat flying-boat-water

It is said that this flying boat needs a pilot’s training as well as license to drive in any mode of transportation.When this amphibious boat changes its mode you can feel the wind in fractions of seconds.Thus it is a kind of recreational vehicle with no wheels.

Flying Car YEE-An Automobile Of Future

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An Amphibious Flying cars might be a long way from becoming a commercial reality, but that doesn’t stop designers letting their imaginations run wild when it comes to envisioning the airborne automobiles of the future.The car YEE when is in driving mode, its wings would fold downwards, and small wheels along their outside edges would allow them to act as outriggers.

YEE-Car-Model YEE-Car-Model

The car can anytime carve into turns, by leaning towards one outrigger and away from the other without any restrictions. During turning, the car can be steered in its flight mode. Thus the car YEE’s two back wheels would swing forward and their stylin’ spokes would reveal themselves to be the propeller blades.

YEE-Driving-Car YEE-Flying-Cars

Whenever car takes off its outriggers fold upwards to become wings, without falling down on the road.The cars would take off from designated flying stations, which serves as a feature for solar panels to charge the vehicles.

Fancy Cars:Full Advance Control Tech

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The whole point of the this touch car is to take technologies out of the consumer space and throw them at the car to make controlling complex auto systems easier and less distracting during driving.At the heart of this fancy car there is a three big, beautiful screens.


Fancy-Car Features-Fancy-Car

A 12.8-inch display sits in the centre console, displaying your navigation and entertainment content.It gives you haptic feedback when you touch it so you know that you’ve made a selection without taking your eyes off the road. Underneath it, an 8-inch screen replaces all the old analogue dials and switches for things like A/C.

Splitting those two screens is a Multi-Touch Slider. The Slider allows you to change things like volume, balance and fader with a swipe of your hand, and the use of one, two or three fingers.You can also gesture with your hand to do things on the car.



A 3D camera mounted in the roof recognises your gestures and executes actions based on visual cues. Volume can be lowered by holding your hand flat in front of the screen and making a push-down gesture.

Flying Motorbike With High Speed

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One of the kind of motorbike named PAL-V is a two seated hybrid bike which when needed can be transformed to a car and gyro-copter.Being a bike it can be tuned to a car as easily with luxurious comfort.Its appearance looks like an helicopter when it flies and easily known as gyro-copter as its main power comes from the rotors at the rear of the vehicle.



On ground the machine switches between a motorbike and car that reach a desired destination at a speed of 112mph.It controls all its power using rotors and as the engine stops the propeller folds itself and get back to the driving position.The rotor blades needs to be stowed away from the driver.While moving it looks like a sports car with its rotor unfolded and tail is extended and whenever needed it is ready to take off during any urgent situations.


Thus this kind of amphibious motor-craft bears some extra features such as 230hp,four cylinder engine and uses petrol for consumption.In air pilot can fly for up to 220 miles at low altitude around 4000ft and in ground drive for up to 750 miles.This hybrid amphibious transport is made up of carbon fiber,titanium and aluminum.Thus this motor aircraft bears a weight of 1500lbs.

Sporty Car Inspired by an Amphibious Boat:

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A sporty car that acts as an amphibious vehicle does wonders on land, water and air. Some of the features associated with it is the 8.5-metre tender is basically made to run on water rather than to be driven on roads. Though, the custom boat can very effectively do 35 knots on water and 6mph on shore, this thanks to the boats sports car-like characteristics, which most prominently include, high and low beam headlights on both sides in the front deck and well fixed tail-lights.


Sports-Car-Boat-Air Sports-Car-Boat-Water

The boat is customized to seat six people including the driver; the boat has a 370ph single D6 Volvo engine and draws power from an air-cooled Kohler DKW 2204T engine when on land. The tender with side windows, mini fridge, basin, marine audio entertainment system and a three stage carbon telescopic wheelchair boarding ramp, is surely a luxury ride to savor.



The glass roof has some solar cells to recharge the fuel cells stocked on the basement of the car, the entire 4 electric engine are bound within the 4 wheels, and there’s a micro diesel engine in a bottom rear part, to generate extra charging for the long distance coverage.Thus it acts as a fastest racing amphibious modes of transportation as and when needed.

Amphibious Motorbike Named Aerofex

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This bike is tuned and balanced with the traditional two wheeled to the riders. These hover bike is attached with two fan which acts as a wheel. It can be moved anywhere on the road. Thus this motor hover bike can be used in all terrain without any royal styles. Some of the features of this bike is it can be used as a flight for up to 15ft at 50km/h and it can weave through trees, buildings and under bridges.

Aerofex-land Aerofex-Water Aerofex-Air

It adds some extra features like it can rollover and crash so that it can sustain as and when major crashes happen. This hover bike has been adopted some intuitive controls so that it could be easy to fly and land whenever needed in case of emergencies. Any new user can try it out without the help and need of a pilot.

The trick with this hover bike Aerofex is that it needs some movements and balancing of riding a bicycle or motorbike. For pilot two control bars have been given to put at their knee while driving. It is being provided so that whenever the pilot or driver leans any way of direction the hover bike Aerofex controls the sense of balance among them.

Motorcycle Transformed into Amphibious Manner:

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A PAL-V is a kind of motorcycle which transforms into gyro copter that is designed and act as a flying machine. It is said to be Personal Air and Land vehicles that being able to lean into turns on the road, making it stable to drive quickly, despite its high center of gravity.

PAL-V-Air PAL-V-Land PAL-V-Water

As per this vehicle it contains some of the best features of 230 horsepower gasoline, engine spinning, rear facing propeller, auto rotating retractable, and rotor to generate lift. This motor craft is a light weight that can be used to fly and in road a mechanical hydraulic articulated rear suspension enables the craft to lean into turns like a motorcycle having a boosting stability.

The speed of this motor craft in the air or in the ground is 112mph.When it turns to a car it takes a speed of 28mpg and when it changes to a cruise its range of speed is 750 miles. The modes of transformation from one vehicle to the other takes place within 10min.It cannot fly out of the traffic jam. This motor craft requires 540 ft of runway to take off and 100 ft to land.

This motor craft flies below 4000ft and for safety it can stall like fixed wing aircraft. In case of emergencies if the engine fails the motor craft can land safely as this motor craft has an auto rotating main rotor to protect this craft.

Future Flying Sports Car:

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This new conceptual car is revolutionary — as it works on water, ice, sand, air as well as the road. The Volkswagen Aqua car can switch between surfaces like a hovercraft and has a top speed of 62mph.Thus this spectacular car is manufactured by the Germans. The all-terrain vehicle works like a hovercraft that can move seamlessly between different surfaces. The vehicle’s look and feel is of a sports car that is designed by four high-powered fans and integrated airbags that inflate to lift it from the ground. Some of the features are it has a large windscreen that stretches above the front seats to give a panoramic view of the landscape. You enter and exit the car from a hatch at the rear of the car.

aqua-water aqua-land aqua-land-water

Thus this car Aqua uses a hydrogen fuel cell to power two motors – with zero carbon emissions. It is first being equipped with one motor around the vehicle which makes it hover; while the second- drives it forwards and controls its direction. There is no better form of transport than an air cushion vehicle because it travels equally well over land, ice, and water. It can be moved from any amphibious modes of transportation within a desired time.

aqua-snow aqua-air

Being all in one lets users to switch from one mode to the other within fraction of seconds. Thus it is one of the versatile vehicles which give users relaxation, so by letting them sit in a comfort zone and travel in any long distance during upcoming future. It is thus an amphibious car that can switch over from any means of transportation whenever needed in any emergency situations.

Best Designed Aircraft and Flying car:

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The world’s prettiest and best-designed airborne automobile: the flying and driving car, panther has some of the distinction of originating in Slovakia. One of the most brands Packard product panther is the most searching amphibious car that accelerates at a speed of 111 km/h. Panther appears very viable, once an airborne, it can reach a top speed of 200km/h (124 mph) and travel as far as 700 km (430 miles), consuming 15 liters (four gallons) of petrol per hour.They are easy to drive and fly, hence the would-be users could glide by long lines in future and also during security checks at airports, saving much of the time on medium-distance journeys.

panther-car-land panther-desert panther-landing

A combination of a car and a plane will always lose against the competition when we start comparing energy consumption.These amphibious automobile assures both a pilot or drivers to have a driver’s and pilot’s license with at least 25 flying hours. By looking it seems to be boat shaped car that can be used while diving, travelling in road and also during take-off it could be used as a flying car.

panther-land panther-flying panther-car

Thus these innovative and amphibious panther car would make each one’s lives so much easier — they would be able to park their car/aircraft at home, drive to the airport, take off, land and drive to their destination without switching vehicles. This mode of amphibious automobiles lets users to travel to the desired location just within a quick desired time. During take-off, emergencies or whenever needed it can be used as an aircraft and during landings, it can also be used as a flying car that could meet the requirements of users in any circumstances.

Sporty Car That Can Drive and Fly

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With an aggressive design and sporty looks, the Skycar is an elite segment of radical, lightweight aviation. The Skycar flies just like a paraglide, dangling below a wing like parachute and propelled by the fan in back. It come with a standard automotive instruments like the cockpit which features an altimeter, a variometer that measures ascent and descent, a GPS, and an LCD map display. The car’s 430-square-foot nylon wing is stored in the trunk. To fly, the pilot lays out the wing behind the vehicle, which will pull the wing into the air as it accelerates into takeoff. The car uses an airborne steering mechanism for foot paddles that manipulate the paraglide. The steering wheel controls retractable winglets on the car that adjust the pitch. Incase if the paraglide fails, the pilot can deploy an emergency ballistic parachute stashed in the Skycar’s roof.

skycar-moving skycar-desert skycar-air

The Skycar consists of some extra features like minimum weight, dynamic handling and peak performance. It is a fully road legal vehicle and hence bridges the gap between a trip to the local supermarket and a thrilling, unforgettable driving adventure. The car moves with a speed on land of 120 mph, in the air of 85 mph and in flight with a range of 200 miles.

skycar-sand skycar-water skycar-flying

In flight mode the Skycar is suspended by the latest ram-air wing and capable of take-off from a field or airstrip in less than 200 meters. It will be easier and safer to fly than any other aircraft, as it has no pitch control and therefore impossible to stall or dive. There is no danger of engine fail or breakdown as in that situation the pilot would simply glide down into the nearest field or strip of sandy desert. With these kind of unique feature one can easily have a thrilling experience to drive in a car and fly in an airplane randomly. Thus the Skycar with its machine can make you drive and fly in any mode of transportation.