Amphibious Motorbike Named Aerofex

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This bike is tuned and balanced with the traditional two wheeled to the riders. These hover bike is attached with two fan which acts as a wheel. It can be moved anywhere on the road. Thus this motor hover bike can be used in all terrain without any royal styles. Some of the features of this bike is it can be used as a flight for up to 15ft at 50km/h and it can weave through trees, buildings and under bridges.

Aerofex-land Aerofex-Water Aerofex-Air

It adds some extra features like it can rollover and crash so that it can sustain as and when major crashes happen. This hover bike has been adopted some intuitive controls so that it could be easy to fly and land whenever needed in case of emergencies. Any new user can try it out without the help and need of a pilot.

The trick with this hover bike Aerofex is that it needs some movements and balancing of riding a bicycle or motorbike. For pilot two control bars have been given to put at their knee while driving. It is being provided so that whenever the pilot or driver leans any way of direction the hover bike Aerofex controls the sense of balance among them.

Motorcycle Transformed into Amphibious Manner:

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A PAL-V is a kind of motorcycle which transforms into gyro copter that is designed and act as a flying machine. It is said to be Personal Air and Land vehicles that being able to lean into turns on the road, making it stable to drive quickly, despite its high center of gravity.

PAL-V-Air PAL-V-Land PAL-V-Water

As per this vehicle it contains some of the best features of 230 horsepower gasoline, engine spinning, rear facing propeller, auto rotating retractable, and rotor to generate lift. This motor craft is a light weight that can be used to fly and in road a mechanical hydraulic articulated rear suspension enables the craft to lean into turns like a motorcycle having a boosting stability.

The speed of this motor craft in the air or in the ground is 112mph.When it turns to a car it takes a speed of 28mpg and when it changes to a cruise its range of speed is 750 miles. The modes of transformation from one vehicle to the other takes place within 10min.It cannot fly out of the traffic jam. This motor craft requires 540 ft of runway to take off and 100 ft to land.

This motor craft flies below 4000ft and for safety it can stall like fixed wing aircraft. In case of emergencies if the engine fails the motor craft can land safely as this motor craft has an auto rotating main rotor to protect this craft.

Future Flying Sports Car:

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This new conceptual car is revolutionary — as it works on water, ice, sand, air as well as the road. The Volkswagen Aqua car can switch between surfaces like a hovercraft and has a top speed of 62mph.Thus this spectacular car is manufactured by the Germans. The all-terrain vehicle works like a hovercraft that can move seamlessly between different surfaces. The vehicle’s look and feel is of a sports car that is designed by four high-powered fans and integrated airbags that inflate to lift it from the ground. Some of the features are it has a large windscreen that stretches above the front seats to give a panoramic view of the landscape. You enter and exit the car from a hatch at the rear of the car.

aqua-water aqua-land aqua-land-water

Thus this car Aqua uses a hydrogen fuel cell to power two motors – with zero carbon emissions. It is first being equipped with one motor around the vehicle which makes it hover; while the second- drives it forwards and controls its direction. There is no better form of transport than an air cushion vehicle because it travels equally well over land, ice, and water. It can be moved from any amphibious modes of transportation within a desired time.

aqua-snow aqua-air

Being all in one lets users to switch from one mode to the other within fraction of seconds. Thus it is one of the versatile vehicles which give users relaxation, so by letting them sit in a comfort zone and travel in any long distance during upcoming future. It is thus an amphibious car that can switch over from any means of transportation whenever needed in any emergency situations.

Best Designed Aircraft and Flying car:

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The world’s prettiest and best-designed airborne automobile: the flying and driving car, panther has some of the distinction of originating in Slovakia. One of the most brands Packard product panther is the most searching amphibious car that accelerates at a speed of 111 km/h. Panther appears very viable, once an airborne, it can reach a top speed of 200km/h (124 mph) and travel as far as 700 km (430 miles), consuming 15 liters (four gallons) of petrol per hour.They are easy to drive and fly, hence the would-be users could glide by long lines in future and also during security checks at airports, saving much of the time on medium-distance journeys.

panther-car-land panther-desert panther-landing

A combination of a car and a plane will always lose against the competition when we start comparing energy consumption.These amphibious automobile assures both a pilot or drivers to have a driver’s and pilot’s license with at least 25 flying hours. By looking it seems to be boat shaped car that can be used while diving, travelling in road and also during take-off it could be used as a flying car.

panther-land panther-flying panther-car

Thus these innovative and amphibious panther car would make each one’s lives so much easier — they would be able to park their car/aircraft at home, drive to the airport, take off, land and drive to their destination without switching vehicles. This mode of amphibious automobiles lets users to travel to the desired location just within a quick desired time. During take-off, emergencies or whenever needed it can be used as an aircraft and during landings, it can also be used as a flying car that could meet the requirements of users in any circumstances.

Sporty Car That Can Drive and Fly

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With an aggressive design and sporty looks, the Skycar is an elite segment of radical, lightweight aviation. The Skycar flies just like a paraglide, dangling below a wing like parachute and propelled by the fan in back. It come with a standard automotive instruments like the cockpit which features an altimeter, a variometer that measures ascent and descent, a GPS, and an LCD map display. The car’s 430-square-foot nylon wing is stored in the trunk. To fly, the pilot lays out the wing behind the vehicle, which will pull the wing into the air as it accelerates into takeoff. The car uses an airborne steering mechanism for foot paddles that manipulate the paraglide. The steering wheel controls retractable winglets on the car that adjust the pitch. Incase if the paraglide fails, the pilot can deploy an emergency ballistic parachute stashed in the Skycar’s roof.

skycar-moving skycar-desert skycar-air

The Skycar consists of some extra features like minimum weight, dynamic handling and peak performance. It is a fully road legal vehicle and hence bridges the gap between a trip to the local supermarket and a thrilling, unforgettable driving adventure. The car moves with a speed on land of 120 mph, in the air of 85 mph and in flight with a range of 200 miles.

skycar-sand skycar-water skycar-flying

In flight mode the Skycar is suspended by the latest ram-air wing and capable of take-off from a field or airstrip in less than 200 meters. It will be easier and safer to fly than any other aircraft, as it has no pitch control and therefore impossible to stall or dive. There is no danger of engine fail or breakdown as in that situation the pilot would simply glide down into the nearest field or strip of sandy desert. With these kind of unique feature one can easily have a thrilling experience to drive in a car and fly in an airplane randomly. Thus the Skycar with its machine can make you drive and fly in any mode of transportation.

Futuristic Automobile Volantor-Easy to Operate Flying Car:

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Not just a car, but every “futuristic” automobile ever made seemed to employ some sort of flying car to work upon it! The car M200X Volantor, produced by Moller International is shaped like a saucer and can be used for a wide range of recreation and practical purposes. This car does not bother with ground-based obstacles; it can be used in road, or as a ferry between a yacht and the land. It could also be used as commuter vehicle. Volantor can be used by military or government, for skyscraper rescues and fire fighting. The civilian version of this car is restricted to a height of 10 feet, but can travel as fast as 50mph and fly for up to 90minutes.

volantor-air volantor-flying-land volantor-land

This vehicle is not like anything we’ve seen before. It’s not a hovercraft, although its operation is just as easy. With the help of this vehicle you can speed over rocks, swampland, fences, or log infested waterways with ease as it is being not limited by any of the surfaces. The electronics keep the vehicles automobile stabilized at no more than 10 feet altitude, which places the craft within ground effect where extra lift is obtained from operating near the ground.

volantor-flying volantor-water

This lets you glide over 50 mph terrain that could stop most other vehicles. Thus this Volantor vehicle is so easy to operate that it does not foresee the requirement for significant training or licensing.It can be easily used as an amphibious modes of transportation at any circumstances.

An Interceptor named Evolution travelling through land, water and air:

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A unique aircraft named Evolution had been designed by a Russian inventor Alexander Begak.This aircraft was designed for military and civilian missions which could be travelled on land, water and air. This aircraft could be used in difficult situations like in case of emergencies in the air; parachute system could help the aircraft reach the ground in a desired time. In water the pilot could use the inflatable emergency device so that the aircraft wouldn’t drown. With these kind of innovative aircraft vehicle the pilot can switch modes of transportation from land to air, air to water and water to land within fraction of seconds.

evolution-air-land evolution-water

The aircraft is made up of coal plastic that is light in weight and simple for transportation. Its weighing capacity is of 60 kg such that it can be loaded onto a truck. It can fly at a height of 4000 mt above the ground and without refueling it can cover a distance of 400 km. It has 30 horse power motors that help it to reach at a speed of 160 km/hr in air and 80 km/hr on land.

evolution-land evolution-flying

The pilot controls the full aircraft through an on board’s computer which helps in navigation from one point to the other. This innovative aircraft has some special features like it requires small take-off distance of 5 to 50 mt. Thus this vehicle can be used as a fighter hovercraft, race aircrafts mission and during emergency landings. This is a versatile aircraft vehicle that can be travelled very fast and enhances performance specifications.

An Amphibious Luxury Python Car

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This amphibious luxury car has hidden capabilities of aquatic car that gives no indication as on the road it can walk on water. This is a great technology which is applied in amphibious car. Its physical appearance looks like sports car. Basically this car was being developed for racing and to attain any amphibious modes at different circumstances.

python-amphibious-car python-watercar

This car has much speed compare to speed boat. If you need to drive this car on water you need to neutralize gear and turn the steering of water jet. This car is equipped with 5 passenger seats, jet engines to enhance the speed of waves. This car has some extra specifications like cruise of 1 rear engine, land speed of 125 mph, water speed of 60 mph, weight of 3800, height of 66, length of 20.6 and width of 82.


There were three generation of amphibious cars namely the first generation called Orukter amphibious car, it used steam engine in river. The second generation amphibious cars namely Hydromotor used continental machine from land to water. The last third generation of amphibious cars namely Hydrorcar which had a combination of boat, car and truck was being used as military vehicle.

Light Weight Sports Amphibious Aircraft:

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One of the best versatile amphibious light weight sports aircraft Seamax can land in water, land; based on any calamities. This aircraft has some extra features and enhances performance specification. In times of emergency it provides safety measures to the pilot as well as passengers. It is one of a sports aircraft which can go in water,air and land.

seamax-landing seamax-land seamax-flying

This aircraft bears some features such as length consisting of 19ft 10 in, wingspan of 33ft 6 in, cabin width 46.9 in, fuel capacity 26.5 gal, speed 130 mph, cruise speed 115 mph, take off distance 400 ft, landing distance 500 ft.

seamax-in-water seamax-water

These light weight aircraft comes packed with manipulator technology. It also provides slow flight ability to make one be challenge-able during water landing. Having such amphibious features makes this aircraft unique from others. The speed from one mode of transportation to the other takes in fraction of seconds. This makes the aircraft versatile, comfort free to reach the destination.

Futuristic Hybrid Amphibious Motorcars:

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One of the motorcars named Aythya amphibious is a futuristic vehicle consisting of two seater wheel system. These could be operated on both land and water. Basically it was used as a rental vehicle, one which could be hired out at vacation spots for tourists who want to explore surrounding land and sea. This innovative car has adjustable tires.

aythya-land aythya-mud aythya-air

When Aythya is being used on land the wheels are perfectly round just like normal car tires. They are made up of 10 individual sections. When this vehicle enters the water, car senses and sections of the wheel open out automatically to form small paddles, turning this vehicle into a small paddle boat. Same ways there are four electric motors, one for each wheel.


It has the ability to analyze particular terrain and change the shape of the tire. The tires adapts to all terrains, such as water, land and snow. When the vehicle is running on normal roads the tires remain usual. When it is running in the snow or mud, the tires opens a bit and acquires more grips. The flaps are opened finally when running in water.

These vehicles have powerful batteries that are enclosed in every wheel. This vehicle is fun to use and powers electric engines that could be used in various surroundings.