Best Weapons Used as Light Battle-Rifle

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A shotgun is a kind of pistol used as a human weapon. A rifle is larger than pistol. There are different kinds of rifle such as:

1.Assault rifle-it’s a kind of semi automatic rifle that is used during fire arm. It can be fired round a pistol or battle rifle.
2. Battle rifle-it’s a kind of long size barrel that fires a large rifle. It provides greater range, penetration and power than assault rifle.




3. Sniper rifle-it’s a kind of semi automatic rifle that is used to fire a multitude of ammunition. It fires longer ranges than assault and battle rifle.
4. Carbines- they are kind of short length barrel rifle that fires the ammunition at low velocity.
5. Designated Marksman rifle-they are weapons used to fire anti-personnel rifle. It fills the gap with respect to the battle rifle and the sniper rifle.


Battle Rifle, Weapons August 27th 2014

YSS-1000 Multi Stage Detachable fighter

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This fighter is used to launch a detectable rocket of seven-stage into the planet with low orbit. The YSS is used for space aircraft fighter. It is used in United Nation Security Council air force. The length consists of 24.6 meters (80.7 feet) and width is of 18.9 meters (62.1 feet).




The fighter comprises of two main engines and wing-mounted thrusters along with a multi detachable rocket system. It also contains two cannons and two missiles. The full crew consists of one pilot and one radar officer. It serves as a defense fighter.

Type-27 Fighter for Strategic Defense Initiative

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It is space interceptor craft. They are designed for exoatmospheric operations. The craft consist of two cannons which have some similarity with Type-26 model. A rod of fuel cannon is placed at the front of the craft. The craft is effective when used in high volume of deployment. This craft was first being observed by United Nations space command.

t27 t27air type27

The main role of this fighter is that it can be used in space as well as in aircraft. The length is of 10.9 meters (36 ft) and width is of 8.6 meters (28 ft).The equipments used are heavy plasma cannon and class 2 cannon. This fighter can be used in human covenant wars and conflicts.

Highly adaptable GA-TL1 War fighter

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The GA-TL1 is one of the ships of united nation defense force. The length is of 64 meters (210 ft) and width comprises of 75 meters (246 ft) .The overall height and depth is of 12.9 meters (42.3 ft). There exist an internal way consisting of doors having rear, stairs, and a higher corridor to the cockpit. In these two corridors there exists a locker with two crew stations.It have windows wrapped along the cockpit.




 The crew consists of Pilot, Co-Pilot, and Navigator. This fighter has two engines which are exterior to the ship. The best feature is that they can function in space as well as in earth. They make use of conventional fuel.


The main weapons used bombs, Moray space mines, Missiles, Nuclear Missiles. This craft can be used as both fighter and an interceptor which can be helpful in dealing with enemy fighter as well as boarding crafts.

The main uses or role of this craft is that it can be used as an Interceptor, Star fighter and Bomber.

Halo interceptor with jet aircraft

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The Halo Jet looks very beautiful and it has high reliability and efficiency to withstand.  This Halo Jet will reduce the traffic in the road.This car will split some parts into the series of different chassis to change the car to air jet.

The Halo Interceptor concept is that it  can be morphed into an airplane, helicopter or motorboat.This concept is mainly used to increase the advanced technology of automobiles.

With the help of this car one can attain whatever form they need by just making some slight modification depending on the circumstances.

Halo Boat, halo car, Halo Jet May 2nd 2014

Halo Interceptor Versatile Vehicle

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Halo Interceptor is a versatile vehicle, one car that can couple with several vehicles.The main purpose is to change a normal car into boats, planes or helicopters.This car attracts all youngsters and children’s. jetwater   aeroplane

halo car, Halo Interceptor, Halo Jet April 18th 2014

Halo Interceptor Multi-Functional Vehicle

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The Halo Interceptor is a concept vehicular hub, which begins as a sports car. With attachments, the Halo can be converted to a helicopter, a catamaran speedboat, or a jet aircraft. Conceivably a submarine attachment could be designed as easily as the cat speedboat or jet flyer.


This unit handles a flight-test, their work includes for providing security for the take-off shafts.




Halo Interceptor, Halo Jet January 8th 2014

Wonderful Concept Of Halo Interceptor

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  • The Halo Interceptor is an wonderful concept of car by British designer Phil Pauley. The car can be morph into an helicopter, airplane, or motorboat.This car attracts all youngsters and children’s.It looks a bit like a Bugatti Veyron from the rear, in front it shows an interesting design with a pointing nose.


  • The Halo Jet looks very beautiful and it has high reliability and efficiency to withstand.  This Halo Jet will reduce the traffic in the road.airjetThe car will split some parts in to the series of different chassis to change the car to air jet.
  • The Halo Boat is very stylish and it can be designed in an attractive colors.  The Halo car will change in to an Halo boat, when we want to travel in water. By using the Halo Boat we can reduce the traffic in road and also pollution in the atmosphere.


  • This concept will improve the advanced technology and increase the profit for the automobiles industries.waterair The Halo Interceptor concept would give the freedom to go whenever they want wherever they want.  This concept is mainly used to increase the advanced technology of automobiles.


  • The Halo Interceptor is not a transformer, but it can transform.  The Interceptor concept is very interesting and it is loved by all. It  will increase the availability of automobiles. This concept will reduce the traffic in the road and increase the need of automobiles.
halo car, Halo Interceptor December 31st 2013

The Morphing Halo Interceptor Car

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HaloInterceptor videos December 28th 2013

AutoEvolution Of Halo Interceptor

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The Halo Intersceptor, as its creator calls, has three interchangeable connecting housings, allowing for different configurations.The car is a futuristic grey-ish wight with black panel lines . The front of the concept has a very pointed shape, to minimize air resistance, with a blunt nose that is reminiscent of the Space Shuttle.

The lights have a teardrop shape that flows to the wheel arch. As for the wheels themselves, there are none to speak off as far as we can see. The back of the car shows a striking resemblance to the Bugatti Veyron, with the same four stop lights and engine cover.

Pauley’s vision of a flying car has thick, swept back delta wings and single vertical stabilizer. The boat version seems to have a split hull at the front. The boat mixes the car’s white and black color scheme with a wood texture on the deck




Halo Jet, interceptor aircraft December 3rd 2013