Interceptors for battlefield guided and bomber missiles:

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The Battlefield bomber missile Interceptor is a boat which uses petrol and it can be used for fast attack over the enemies. These interceptors have some unique features that it shows waterways, roadways and airways directions. This is a Chinese boat which can perform three functions at any time. This interceptor is light weighted. This makes the interceptor usable in a variety of ways on the battlefield.

land water space

It can be used in any kind of battlefield missions. It has got high speed of 75 km/h, there are weapons used for pilot like chain gun consisting of 25mm, guided and AA missiles. The seats will be 1 for pilot, 1 for passenger and 2 for gunners. It has an extra feature of accessing special jet along with this missile. This Interceptor has some unlocked features which can be expanded as a car or motorbike or a jet.

The pilot in this interceptor can have access to a 25mm chain gun and expand a guided missile against enemy land vehicles like car or motorbike, and AA missiles against enemy aircraft. With the help of these kinds of interceptor it makes things happen faster and quicker. If we need to use these three versatile vehicles this kind of interceptors lets it happen. As all these interceptors are morphed into one vehicle it lets the pilot to be safer and perform all kinds of battlefield wars in a very short period of time.

Bomber Missiles, Interceptor Ship October 18th 2014

Home based tabletop laser X-ray device:

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One of the tools to generate x-ray has been discovered. With the help of these devices we can have a check-up at our home place. By making use of this tabletop laser device, it helps in generating quality X-rays.

These high quality X-rays can be accessed for medical images and any newly technologies. With these new components of advanced laser-based technology it will increase the feasibility of producing high-quality X-rays throughout the world.


As this new X-ray device comes in small it can fit in any circumstances. These devices may be used in detecting nuclear materials, helps doctors for finding any curable diseases.It can be fitted in all the three vehicles incase of emergencies.

This device produces X-rays over larger range of photon energies, extending to nuclear gamma rays. These X-ray lasers for the first time can be used to generate a complete 3-D model of a protein. This proves that X-ray lasers can play an important role in studying bimolecular of any unknown structure.

Thus this tabletop X-ray laser brings new opportunities and new ideas for 3-D structure for determining every smaller molecule samples.

laser device, x ray device October 13th 2014

Acquisition to Oculus rift prototype for future endeavor:

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A concept of e-learning where we can move through virtual reality ‘The Oculus Rift’ an approach to gaming, applications that stretch into education and e-training.

The concept of Oculus Rift virtually helps users to simulate with various art forms like movies, books, or traditional games randomly at high speed. There are some tools and technologies used which can let users to educate in many ways:




1.Asking for a break in classroom-
Its a kind of a tool that lets users to come across this newly game-based learning so as to motivate, encourage and reward students behavior in the classroom.

2.Innovating changes in distance learning-
Through this tool you can imagine being able to join in with a lecture from thousands of miles away. With the help of this tool it would it be as being there in. Behavioral studies show that this simple strategy increases attention, conversation, and regulates physiological responses.

3.Alternative strategies for learning and training-
There are some of the interactive and cost-saving e-training tools which are being provided so as to check with the services and polices of any new hardware and etc.

4.Visualizing Meditation & reassurance-
With the help of this tool Oculus Rift, you can manage students with different kinds of  disorders and disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD).

These tool lets users with high efficency and consistency of future technologies.

NEOS A Specialized Futuristic Aircraft, Motorbike, Sidecar Having High Speed:

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One of the highly efficient products named NEOS has the ability to perform more than one task at any circumstances. This system plays dual role. Sometimes it might be used in water instead of boat or ship. As said when it’s a motorbike it can act as a car and it can be used for driving all over. It has an extra ordinary feature which can be used for future endeavor.




This system or vehicle consists of a single seated motorbike, a sidecar and combined halo boat. Thus the vehicle includes an airbag deployment system and a safety cell for enhanced protection of the driver during emergencies. It gives high protection for the driver as well as companion.

If required as and when an additional seating or a compartment for storing all the equipments of that seated vehicle can be used. The sidecar can be easily attached with the motorbike for user experiencing for the first time and convenient for all. Thus this kind of system gives user an experience for using three devices at a time and in a quick manner.

Aviation with private jet AVA aircraft

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A special aircraft named AVA jet has been introduced with the concept of flying up and down with various purposes and in any circumstances. The features and appearance of this jet makes it unique and compact. It consists of solar panel frame in which cockpit, engine, wing structure and storage have been incorporated to make it simple and functional.


The morphing shaped wing design of this interceptor jet gives it a supersonic long distance flight capability with more maneuverability. This personal jet can house two people having flight controls with revolutionary steering control to the front seat, while the rear seat features a display and bucket-seat with elbow rests. It can be used in any emergency cases.

The Boeing X-32 prototype propulsion engine helps the jet for efficient flight. Some of the safety measures have been used like inclusion of the parachute encapsulated detachable cockpit and oxygen supply system for emergency landing on various types of surfaces, have ensured comprehensive safety for the passengers. It is one of the best long lasting jets among all the kinds of interceptor.

Best Weapons Used as Light Battle-Rifle

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A shotgun is a kind of pistol used as a human weapon. A rifle is larger than pistol. There are different kinds of rifle such as:

1.Assault rifle-it’s a kind of semi automatic rifle that is used during fire arm. It can be fired round a pistol or battle rifle.
2. Battle rifle-it’s a kind of long size barrel that fires a large rifle. It provides greater range, penetration and power than assault rifle.




3. Sniper rifle-it’s a kind of semi automatic rifle that is used to fire a multitude of ammunition. It fires longer ranges than assault and battle rifle.
4. Carbines- they are kind of short length barrel rifle that fires the ammunition at low velocity.
5. Designated Marksman rifle-they are weapons used to fire anti-personnel rifle. It fills the gap with respect to the battle rifle and the sniper rifle.


Battle Rifle, Weapons August 27th 2014

YSS-1000 Multi Stage Detachable fighter

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This fighter is used to launch a detectable rocket of seven-stage into the planet with low orbit. The YSS is used for space aircraft fighter. It is used in United Nation Security Council air force. The length consists of 24.6 meters (80.7 feet) and width is of 18.9 meters (62.1 feet).




The fighter comprises of two main engines and wing-mounted thrusters along with a multi detachable rocket system. It also contains two cannons and two missiles. The full crew consists of one pilot and one radar officer. It serves as a defense fighter.

Type-27 Fighter for Strategic Defense Initiative

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It is space interceptor craft. They are designed for exoatmospheric operations. The craft consist of two cannons which have some similarity with Type-26 model. A rod of fuel cannon is placed at the front of the craft. The craft is effective when used in high volume of deployment. This craft was first being observed by United Nations space command.

t27 t27air type27

The main role of this fighter is that it can be used in space as well as in aircraft. The length is of 10.9 meters (36 ft) and width is of 8.6 meters (28 ft).The equipments used are heavy plasma cannon and class 2 cannon. This fighter can be used in human covenant wars and conflicts.

Highly adaptable GA-TL1 War fighter

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The GA-TL1 is one of the ships of united nation defense force. The length is of 64 meters (210 ft) and width comprises of 75 meters (246 ft) .The overall height and depth is of 12.9 meters (42.3 ft). There exist an internal way consisting of doors having rear, stairs, and a higher corridor to the cockpit. In these two corridors there exists a locker with two crew stations.It have windows wrapped along the cockpit.




 The crew consists of Pilot, Co-Pilot, and Navigator. This fighter has two engines which are exterior to the ship. The best feature is that they can function in space as well as in earth. They make use of conventional fuel.


The main weapons used bombs, Moray space mines, Missiles, Nuclear Missiles. This craft can be used as both fighter and an interceptor which can be helpful in dealing with enemy fighter as well as boarding crafts.

The main uses or role of this craft is that it can be used as an Interceptor, Star fighter and Bomber.

Halo interceptor with jet aircraft

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The Halo Jet looks very beautiful and it has high reliability and efficiency to withstand.  This Halo Jet will reduce the traffic in the road.This car will split some parts into the series of different chassis to change the car to air jet.

The Halo Interceptor concept is that it  can be morphed into an airplane, helicopter or motorboat.This concept is mainly used to increase the advanced technology of automobiles.

With the help of this car one can attain whatever form they need by just making some slight modification depending on the circumstances.

Halo Boat, halo car, Halo Jet May 2nd 2014